For Waco. Forever.

The Waco Pie Society is a group of local donors who have committed to leaving a lasting legacy for the causes they care about.

See How It Works

Waco is our home, and we care about its future.

You love our community and already support many local nonprofits that help make Waco great. Have you considered one of the best ways to give to ensure the charities you care about are able to continue their work in the long term?

Imagine Waco’s Future

What if you could help Waco's future become even better?

Over the next 50 years, our region is estimated to transfer $86.7 BILLION of wealth to the next generation. If philanthropy captured just 5% of that pie, it would result in $1.3 BILLION for McLennan County alone. Imagine what our nonprofit sector could accomplish with those funds. Perhaps every local student could attend college. Maybe the local shelter would only be a temporary holding site because all pets would get adopted. Waco could be the central shining star in Texas.

If We All Share A Piece of Our Pie

We can ensure Waco’s brightest future.

Whatever the future looks like, sharing a piece of your pie with local charity will help our community become even better. No estate is too small to leave a lasting impact. Join other local donors who have committed to leaving a piece of their pie to ensure the greatness of our community. For Waco. Forever.

Become Part of The Waco Pie Society

Leave just a piece. It's that easy!

If you love our community and want to contribute a piece of your pie to ensure it continues to be great, the Pie Society is for you. The Pie Society is a community-wide giving society made up of generous donors like you who have promised to leave a portion of their estate – or a piece of their pie – to charity. The amount of the gift and the charity or charities you choose is up to you. If you’ve made this commitment, you are already a part of the Pie Society, and we want to hear from you!

Become a Member

Stay informed with all the latest updates and events.

Pie Society members will receive occasional communications from Waco Foundation with information about legacy giving. In addition, Waco Foundation will occasionally host events celebrating Pie Society members.

Questions about Estate Planning?

Remember, no estate is too small to leave a lasting impact.

There are a variety of giving vehicles you can take advantage of when creating your charitable estate plan. Bequests, beneficiary designations and charitable trusts are just a few options that may be available to you. To determine what best fits your needs, contact your advisor to visit about your charitable goals.

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